Those $2,000 stimulus checks were a load of bull. Surprise!

Ol’ Joe Biden sure loves austerity. After all, excessive government spending is something Democrats have always rallied against.

Wait… That’s not true!

Limiting government spending is a GOP platitude. They’re never serious about it — and they’re only ever appalled over how loose the government’s wallet is whenever a democrat becomes president — but that didn’t stop Joe from gobbling up their bait.

To be fair, Biden is little more than a useful idiot. He either naively believes that reaching across the aisle is still viable or he’s so deep in the pockets of credit card companies and Big Pharma that he just doesn’t care.

And the Republicans know how to play this old-timer like a fiddle. Take those $2,000 checks. Nobody on the right wanted to rescue those in need; they simply played it as another excuse to undermine Biden’s victory.

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